Libing Zeng (曾立兵)



I am a second-year Ph.D. student, supervised by Dr. Nima Kalantari, in Computer Science and Engineering department at Texas A&M University. My current research interests are in computational photography, computer vision and deep learning.

Previously, I worked on light transport simulation problems under the supervision of Dr. Li-Yi Wei.

Prior to that, I got my bachelor degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Hunan University where I worked with Dr. Shaoyuan Wang.

Here is my        
  1. Multi-Stage Raw Video Denoising with Adversarial Loss and Gradient Mask Avinash Paliwal, Libing Zeng, Nima Khademi Kalantari. ICCP 2021
  2. Rectifying Proposal Failures in Metropolis Light Transport Libing Zeng, Li-Yi Wei. Preprint (HAL)
  1. A Renderer Written from the Scratch (BART Animations with High-Frequency Textures) Supervised by Dr. Li-Yi Wei. Exercises
  2. A Renderer Extended from the Book, Ray Tracing from the Ground Up Self-study Exercises
  3. A Renderer with Implementations of Various NON-TRIANGULATE Surfaces Self-study Exercises